Hi there, we are BeSafe.

We enable end-to-end encrypted file sharing over any cloud application.

Meet our founding team

Aram Jivanyan

cryptographer, Co-Founder

Arman Abgaryan

Co-Founder, Business Development

Welcome to Besafe. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best and the most intuitive encryption software, with a focus on team work, privacy and user experience.

Besafe and its founders have come a long way from their beginnings as providers of cryptography research to Samsung to offering this unique encryption solution. When we first started out as users of cloud collaboration services like Google or DropBox, we understood that one important element is missing from the entire picture – encryption. At the same time, existing encryption software would have made collaboration very difficult. They limit how the encrypted data can be shared, require all recipients to be registered into servce in advance,  any time, when new access should be granted or revoked, it is required to touch the encrypted file. Just to name a few disadvantages of modern end-to-end data protection techniques.  And this is when BeSafe was born.

Our unique patent pending key management technology makes cryptography much easier for an ordinary user. Working completely on the background, it turns data encryption/decryption and re-encryption hassle into a thing of the past. Just add new users email to your circle of trust and share any documents or files with them. All they will need to do is to install BeSafe on their computers.

Our team has more than 10 years of combined cryptography experience. By adding our cryptographic developments to a cutting-edge MIT cryptography research, we are aiming at taking your privacy to a completely new and user-friendly level.  Soon you will be even able to search in your encrypted files. In an absolutely secure way, of course.

We hope you enjoy using Besafe as much as we enjoy developing it. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


BeSafe Team

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