Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have received an invitation to join BeSafe. What Should I do?
A. You will receive an invitation if someone wants to share an encrypted file with you. To get access to that file, follow the link in your invitation email to download, install and signup to BeSafe. Please see our Product page for more details on using BeSafe.
Q. I was granted access to an encrypted file. What should I do next?
A. If you are not a BeSafe user, please see the question above. Otherwise just start BeSafe and you would be able to use access the file.
Q. How to encrypt a file or a document?
A. Right click on the file name and select encrypt fro a drop-down menu.
Q. How to decrypt a file?
A. Just double click on a file. If Besafe is not running, it will start and will ask you to login. If you are already logged in, the decryption will start automatically.
Q. How to manage access to my encrypted files?
A. You can either:

a. Right click on the encrypted file and select Grant New Access from the drop-down menu. Then enter recipient’s email address.

b. Open BeSafe dashboard and find a file that you want to share. Double click on it and you will see all users that have access to that file. To add someone to that list, just click Grant New Access and enter their email address.

Q. How to revoke user access to a file?
A. Open BeSafe dashboard and find a file which access you want to modify. Double click on it and you will see all users that have access to that file. You can remove any user from that list so his access to that file will be revoked.
Q. How safe is BeSafe?
A. BeSafe uses military grade AES-256 encryption algorithm for file encryption. For encryption key management and secure sharing BeSafe utilizes the cutting-edge proxy re-encryption algorithm invented in MIT and peer-reviewed by the security community and acadaemy. This innovative key management approach enables us not store your private keys or unencrypted data so even we are absolutely unable to decrypt your files.
Q. Should I re-encrypt a file to add new user to it?
A. No. You can add users dynamically. Please see “How to manage access to my encrypted files” above.
Q. Is BeSafe integrated with all Cloud sharing platforms?

A. BeSafe is fully integrated with SLACK. We are constantly working on providing new features to our users. If you want us to integrate BeSafe with other cloud sharing platforms, please get in touch. For companies we can also offer BeSafe integration into their private cloud. Please contact our team for more information.

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