Using BeSafe is Easy and Fast.


BeSafe Provides Data Security, Encryption, Access Control & Visibility for your files travelling in the cloud. 

Besafe uses patent pending technology for encrypting your data and enabling secure sharing over any email or cloud file sharing application.

BeSafe Features at a Glance. 

  • Military grade AES-256 encryption.
  • Zero-Knowledge Security. No “backdoors”. We can not store or transmit your private keys. All encryption and decryption is done on client devices with keys which never leave the device in unprotected form.
  • Full integration with SLACK and Dropbox. You can just upload the encrypted file to SLACK and our bot will manage access for all channel members automatically. This is the easiest way for secure team collaboration.
  • Web Dashboard for managing your encrypted file access and your circle of trust.
  • EASY file sharing. Once your encrypted files are in cloud, you can share them via native cloud methods and manage secure access from your BeSafe web dashboard at any moment via any device. No need for file re-encryption when new recipient should be granted or revoked access.
If you want to integrate BeSafe with any other cloud service including private cloud, please Contact Us.

How to use BeSafe?

Besafe is developed with an end-user in mind. It does not require any certificate management or other technical complexities. Just download and install Besafe. Enter and verify your email and you are all set.

If you want to encrypt a document, right click on its name and select “encrypt”.

Send your encrypted file as an email attachment, transfer to cloud storage like Dropbox, post to a Slack channel, send by Skype – the opportunities are endless. You only need to “Grant New Access” and type the recipient email there.

What happens next? If your recipients or team members have no Besafe account, they will receive an invitation email to join Besafe. After they join, BeSafe application will add those users to your “circle of trust” silently. Once added, your contacts or co-workers will stay there permanently, until you decide to remove them. Then if you, for example, decide to share your file, upload it to cloud storage and share as usual.

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