BeSafe Bot for Slack

BeSafe is the only company that provides end-to-end encrypted file sharing solution for Slack.

How does it Work?

  • Encrypt your file with BeSafe application and upload it to the Slack channel.
  • Bot will manage decryption access to all channel members automatically. No need for password or certificate management or ot technical complexity.
  • If someone joins or leaves the channel- his access to all encrypted files will be granted or revoked automatically.
  • You can check permissions or revoke any access via simple Slack commands.

We provide ZERO-KNOWLEDGE SECURITY meaning our service never can access the user encryption keys or files. We are re-inventing how the key management is done in cloud so the keys get transmitted to the people who need them, without giving access to the people who don’t.

With BeSafe, security and convenience does not compromise each other. The strongest security is seamlessly combined with the best user experience.

Why is this a Unique Solution?

Most of the current encryption systems where born long before the Cloud Collaboration. Those systems still provide highest level of security but they are simply not designed to work with a Cloud and limit how information can be shared.

  • Existing systems require all recipients to be registered at the service at the moment of data encryption.
  • Senders should manually manage certificates and/or decryption access for every recipient.
  • The encrypted file should be re-encrypted every time new access is granted or revoked.
  • Encrypted access management process can not be automated or integrated with existing workflow.

We are re-inventing end-to-end data encryption employing MIT invented cutting edge public key cryptography methods and proprieatary patent-pending technology.

Why we have built BeSafe Slack Bot?

Slack is taking the Cloud Collaboration market by storm. At the same time, data protection regulations are being tightened every year and in companies the need for private sharing rises by day. As a result, many legal, financial, healthcare, consulting and other  companies working with sensitive business data are becoming very cautious about working in the unprotected environment.

BeSafe is the first company to bridge the gap between regulatory requirements and Slack. By offering end-to-end encrypted file sharing functionality in Slack, we are providing the regulated industries and companies working with sensitive business information the opportunity to use the power of Slack.

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