Besafe uses Zero-Knowledge Security for its encryption software which offers the highest possible privacy level. Zero-Knowledge security can only be achieved if an encryption provider can manage and store encrypted files without access to the encryption keys and original files. It means that whatever is being encrypted and your private keys never leave you computer or stored by us. Moreover, combined with a military-grade AES-256 encryption algorithm where your private keys are also protected by very strong public key cryptography, Besafe is offering one of the most comprehensive and secure system on the market.

When you want to grant access to an encrypted file, then our unique patent-pending key management technology will only allow intended users to use decryption keys. Neither us, nor any 3 rd party will be able to see them.

Besafe solves one of the most daunting encryption problems – provides Zero-Knowledge security and at the same time does not limit user’s ability to share encrypted data.


  • There is no need for Trusted Third Party and federated key management.
  • There is no need for complicated key exchanges between users.
  • There is no need for the recipient to be registered in service in advance before sending him encrypted files.


Even more, Besafe provides encrypted search functionality but has no access to user’s indexed files or search queries. Though in an extremely unlikely event that ours system is hacked or otherwise compromised, we simply have no data to be stolen.

Data encryption is considered as the best solution to many enterprise security problems, but it is often let down by technical difficulties. Legacy systems such is PGP have steep learning curve and many companies are not too keen to implement them. Making encryption user-friendly without  compromising strong security is one of our main goals. We don’t think that only people with serious technical knowledge should be able to protect their data. Besafe is making data encryption as intuitive as possible and, combined with a hassle-free implementation, provides business customers with a valuable privacy and security tool.

Besafe Key Management technology

Our patent-pending key management technology is based on the cutting-edge  cryptography research. We are a pioneer company bringing the proxy re-encryption algorithm (invented first by MIT and JHU researchers in 2006) to industry.

Proxy re-encryption enables encrypted file sharing via dynamic channels, where the recipients can be instantly added or deleted at any time. With Besafe file owner doesn’t need to re-encrypt the file each time he/she wants to grant or revoke use access. This allows users to collaborate and share data on Cloud systems like DropBox or Slack without any hassle and make secure collaboration a reality.

Searchable Encryption

Besafe patent-pending encrypted search algorithm doe something, no other traditional encryption software can do, by combining strong protection and searchability. Our users are able to search encrypted files just like they search ordinary files. Even more, our users have a universal cross-cloud search functionality for all encrypted files regardless of which cloud service is used to store the file.

At the same time this searchability does not compromise the security and AES-256 encryption. Our servers never get access to user encrypted file content or even record the search queries.

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